ERGOMEMORY – Memory Foam


Framework: indeformable polyurethane foam in water-based D35HR cm 15 and  Memory foam slab with Aloe Vera treatment D45 cm 6

Padding: anallergics fibers

Covering: stretch fabric with Aloe Vera treatment and 3D Air System side band for an high transpiration

An extraordinary comfortable mattress with an anatomical support with 2 different load-bearing layers. The Mind Foam Memory-Effect top contact layer, equipped with Aloe Vera treatment, for a uniform and comfortable acceptance that is perfectly adaptable to different parts of the body, and the crushproof, elastic and resistant polyurethane lower layer. The unique open-cell structure, combined with the antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera, ensures a perfect breathability, enhanced also by the 3D Air System band which was specially designed to allow the regular replacement of air within the structure of the mattress.




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