Comfort of the rest and sleep


A new brand , a 50 years history and tradition!

In 1965 Giuseppe Rinaldi starts the creation of his firsts mattresses in a small artisan workshop, with the goal of improving the sleep welfare of his customers through products originally designed, made ​​with the utmost attention to details and with a constant selection of the best materials and fabrics suppliers.


It was the beginning of a long history, which lasted for 50 years.

A story characterized by creativity, technical intelligence and skilled craftsmanship, values ​​this that have inspired and continue to inspire the Rinaldi Group achievements, allowing it to become a solid business reality in the Italian and international sectorial landscape, thanks to its production and standards quality levels recognized and certified.

To this prestigious story belongs the new MedyMemory® products line. A new products line designed to offer to our customers rest solutions that are personalized to the different needs of comfort, relaxation and health.

A rigorously Made in Italy products line, designed and manufactured in Italy in our design and production centers, in order to combine the handmade excellence, that comes us from our history, with the new sleep comfort knowledge that derives us from decades of research and technological innovation in this field.


Our mission : the rest and sleep well-being.

To the Welfare resulting from our rest and sleep we dedicate so much work, our deep mattress knowledge and all our passion.

Always. The continuous search for new materials and new technologies represent a daily challenge in order to enable the construction of mattresses more handsome and able to ensure to all our customers a healthy and proper rest. A skilful blend of aesthetics quality and functional quality which makes each of our mattress unique and exclusive.

Our research and design center, in collaboration with the departments of prestigious Italian universities, ensures continued growth of our technical know-how which, day after day, translates into innovative and more comfortable products able to play an active role in giving back to your body and your spirit the energy lost during daily activities .

As always, we think that our mattresses represent a wellness care for our customers rest and sleep well-being. And in 50 years of history, we have always kept this promise.