MAGNOL – Pocket springs


Framework: independent pocket springs with 7 differentiated zones (330 springs in 80×200 cm size)

Padding: 2,5 cm of high density Memory Foam

Covering: stretch fabric with Actigard and Amicor Pur treatment and 3D Air System side band for an high transpiration

MAGNOL is a mattress with a pocket springs structure differentiated in 7 zones, able to give a high comfort since the first night thanks to the correct sustain given to the different parts of the body. Memory Foam is quilted directly in the padding and it ensures the spinal column perfect positioning and the right blood circulation.

MAGNOL is covered by cotton stretch with Actigard and Amicor Pure treatment. It is provided with fabric handles and a transpiring side band, able to enhance the air circulation inside the mattress.




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