Medymemory is the new Rinaldi Group collection offer specifically designed to highlight the newest trends in the European market.

Medymemory born from the decades and proven Rinaldi Group experience, always in constant search for new materials and new technologies able to ensure a proper rest and healthy to each person.

All our mattresses are designed and made ​​in Italy with high quality materials, checked and guaranteed, able to combine functionality to the most elegant and refined design, transforming the rest in a pleasant wellness dream.

The collection includes 6 different items that represent a full range of choice, thanks to the use of different technologies skillfully combined to shape innovative mattresses and to satisfy the different rest exigencies for each client.

The Technologies used are:


Memory Foam ® 

The polyurethane foams innovation can adapt itself to the different forms and to the different body weights, developing a comfortable welcome sensation. It can be combined with other technologies developing customized supports in rigidity, acceptance, support capabilities and breathability.

Memory Foam was originally developed by NASA to protect the astronauts from the gravitational hits during the take-off phases.

The Mind Foam main component is a special viscoelastic high density foam, thermo sensible and self-shaping, with incredible ergonomic characteristics.

Mind Foam takes its shape according to the body temperature, without generating any pressure in the most sensitive areas such as the cervical and lumbar ones, always allowing a proper alignment of the spinal column.

Completely innovative is the realization of new products obtained by combining the Mind Foam with additional technologies, obtaining very comfortable and welcome peerless structures.


Polyurethane foam

Elastic polyurethane foam made ​​of different densities in order to meet the most varied rest demands. The water-based expanded polyurethane is characterized by great breathability, non-deformability and support capabilities.

It is an innovative indeformable, lightweight and practical polyurethane foam. Its reticular opened cells structure employs water as a spreading element, allowing a better aeration of the finished product and denoting a high elastic capacity.

The special natural composition of plant origin, without CFC or other materials damaging atmosphere, makes it an hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial material with a low environmental impact.


Independent pocket springs

The traditional spring evolution, for a support which ensures breathability and differentiated support for different body parts. It can also be combined with other technologies to enhance the level of comfort and hospitality.

The independent pocket springs system represents the newest evolution of traditional spring system.

Diametrically variable from 1,8 to 2,0 mm, springs are contained in breathable fabric pockets linked to other pockets through resistant stitching. Each spring reacts to the body’s different pressure coefficient at the best and replies properly to spurs activating a differentiated support, following the natural body shape and ensuring a healthy and comfortable rest.

All our mattresses are provided with 7 variable weight bearing zones, interchanging themselves to render an ergonomic support customized to the 7 pressure zones of the human body, developing a pleasant welcome sensation.

The high breathability degree ensured by the open structure of the independent springs prevents the fungus and bacteria formation.


Box System

Under a traditional comfort for an anatomically correct support and a rigidity and flexibility calibrated to the contact points

Taking advantage from the use of high carbon spring steel, the completely tested Box System technology grants levels of resistance to pressures and reliability along the years.

The 308 biconical Bonnel springs composing our special springing have an increased diameter (2,4 mm) which makes them able to absorb enormous quantity of elastic energy, burdening without deforming itself under the body weight pressure.

The resistance tests realized in our laboratory have reached a very high yield strength (140-170 Kg./m2), that make our products ten years guaranteed.

The perimetric structure integrating and containing the springing is covered by a particular insulating material and by a further expanded polyurethane layer, getting consistency and softness.

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