BOURGOGNE – Memory Foam


Framework: variable weight bearing slab in Memory  Foam and indeformable wavy shaped polyurethane foam

Padding: anallergics fibers

Covering: antistress vitality stretch fabric with Aloe Vera.

BOURGOGNE is a mattress with two differentiated weight bearing and wavy shaped layers for an ergo-anatomic support, that perfectly adapts to the body, following its pushes, weights and movements.

The Memory Foam  layer harmoniously and naturally interlaces with the polyurethane foam slab characterized by a softness and an excellent comfort.

Thanks to the particular wavy shaped structure and to the intrinsic properties of the material, it enables an excellent transpiration and thermo regulation. The product has a double support: soft and more enveloping on the Memory Foam layer and more supporting on the extended polyurethane  layer.



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