BOUGANVILLEA – System box and Memory Foam


Framework: 154 Biconical springs in 2,4 mm phosphated steel  joint together with spiral steel wire with  System box lateral reinforcement and  Memory Foam h 4 cm slab with  Aloe Vera  treatment

Padding: anallergics fibers

Covering: stretch fabric with actigard treatment

BOUGAINVILLEA is born from the union between the Memory Foam, ergonomic and self-shaping, which perfectly adapts to the natural body position, and the ergo anatomic anti break-through box system realized with steel phosphated and tempered 2,4 mm biconical springs, with crushproof expanded polyurethane perimetric structure able to substain in the right way every part of the body. It is a mattress with anti-choke stretch fabric cover, hypoallergenic Actigard with anti-bacteria treatment. The mattress is provided with a high breathability 3D Air System side band which ensures a perfect ventilation and healthiness.




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