""Sleeping in a healthy way""

With MedyMemory today it is possible to sleep nice dreams thanks to the quality of its realizations

Why choose MedyMemory?

A MedyMemory mattress is inimitable in its excellent features and provides intense well-being feelings. That is why we choose MedyMemory:

50 years of experience

Over 50 years of history, lived with entrepreneurial courage and continued competitive challenge, represent a guarantee of customers and market knowledge, which translate into great professionalism and efficiency, the essential requirements for a final product characterized by highest quality.

100% Made in Italy

Our products, all designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in Italy, are the result of an extensive experience in mattresses production, gained nearly in half a century.

Search of continuous improvement

Our production is the expression of an heritage of artisanal skills, technical knowledge and technological handed down from one generation to another, which, enriching itself with more and more innovative and original content, makes ​​possible today the creation of high quality products capable of providing a customized rest according to the needs of each customer.

Craftsmanship skills

We work daily with the utmost attention to every detail, constantly pursuing the customer welfare and satisfaction. Each element of a MedyMemory mattress performs a specific function and is studied in detail by our experts, with the only purpose of bettering our sleeping and living way.

Certified quality and environmental respect

The high quality of our products, which strictly meet the most stringent criteria in terms of reliability, safety and environmental respect, has allowed us to achieve excellent results in terms of satisfaction of all our customers. To achieve these results, we use only the highest quality raw materials to realize mattresses that are functional, healthy, long lasting and, most prominently, comfortable.


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The Brand

Comfort of the rest and sleep

A new brand , a 50 years of History and tradition !

In 1965 Giuseppe Rinaldi starts the creation of his firsts mattresses in a small artisan workshop, with the goal of improving the sleep welfare of his customers through products originally designed, made ​​with the utmost attention to details and with a constant selection of the best materials and fabrics suppliers.


Our mission : the rest and sleep well-being.

To the Welfare resulting from our rest and sleep we dedicate so much work, our deep mattress knowledge and all our passion.

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The search of new materials, the use of high quality raw materials, the high standards of the manufacturing techniques and the artisanal skilled textures typical of a Made in Italy product:

Memory Foam®

Innovative visco-elastic foam material capable to support the body in a natural way during the rest. Due to the special molecular structure of which is composed, it adapts itself perfectly to the different forms thanks to the body temperature ensuring the maximum comfort.

Polyurethane foam

Elastic polyurethane foam made of different densities that provides an optimum and durable support, and preserves its natural shape. The water-based expanded polyurethane is composed by an open cell structure that under the body weight and movements, it compresses and extends itself allowing the passage of fresh air that disperses the humidity.

Independent pocket springs

The independent pocket springs, designed for those who prefer a system closer to the traditional spring one, represent an evolution of the rest concept due to their capability to respond individually to the weight pressure adapting themselves perfectly to the body morphology in consideration of the individual pressure points which it is subjected.

Box System

Structure that ensures a perfect ergonomically rest, supporting in a balanced way the body shapes distributing its weight over the entire surface ensuring an anatomical and flexible support. Solidity and durability are its main distinguishing features.

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